Can you escape at The Island?

Decoding The Escape Game at The Island

At The Island in Pigeon Forge, there are always new things popping up. From restaurants and attractions to mini rides and shops, you’re likely to find something new each time you visit. One of the newer attractions at The Island is an exciting new experience called The Escape Game. Teams of two to eight people will be locked in a room, only escaping when (or IF) they are able to decode the secret messages, uncover clues, and solve a series of puzzles. You only have 60 minutes to try to escape! This hands-on experience is great for friends and families, getting you out of the cabin and outside of your comfort zone.

At The Escape Game, there are four experiences to choose from – Gold Rush, The Heist, Prison Break, and Classified. Each game has a different difficulty level, unique tasks, and a different theme. In Gold Rush (8/10 difficulty level), a large gold deposit has been found in a remote Alaskan town. You’re trying to find the purest gold and avoid traps before the other gold prospectors find it! The Heist (8/10 difficulty level) challenges you to beat an art thief and become a national hero, and in Prison Break (7/10 difficulty level), you’ve been sentenced to life in prison after being wrongfully accused of a crime. You have to escape before it’s too late! Finally, Classified (7/10 difficulty) has you working for an anti-terrorist group, decoding a message in order to stop an attack.

You can play along with others, or you can book an entire room to play with just your friends and family. Although you will actually be in a locked room, there is an exit button for safety. Reservations are strongly recommended, and games are best suited for ages 12 and up. Although each challenge is for two to eight people, The Escape Game can accommodate large parties or corporate events – a great team-building exercise! Tickets are currently $31.99 per person (plus tax) and can be booked online. The Escape Game is located at 131 Island Drive, Suite 9139 at The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You can call 865.868.3400 or visit for more information.

After an intense hour of puzzles, mind games, and difficult tasks, you can head back out to explore more of The Island. If you’ve worked up an appetite, try one of the great restaurants, including Timberwood Grill, Margaritaville, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, Mellow Mushroom, and Dick’s Last Resort. There are also lots of great snack and drinks shops, offering everything from daiquiris, brats, pretzels, and cinnamon rolls to gourmet sweets, fudge, ice cream, and beef jerky. Once you’ve had your fill, get ready for some great shopping. Pick up some Ole Smoky Moonshine, make a friend in the Build-A-Bear Workshop, choose handmade pieces at Alewine Pottery, get your essential oils fix at Blossom, or grab your favorite sports team’s hat at Heads Up Sports. Other stores offer jewelry, magic tricks, shoes, bags, character gear, puzzles, and more.

There are so many great things to do, see, experience, and taste, you’ll need an entire day to truly experience The Island! Don’t forget to take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel before you leave. It boasts beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains and the sparkling city at night. Then head back to your cozy Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge cabin to relax, unwind, and laugh about the day’s adventures. Choose a cabin with comfy couches, a big screen TV, an outdoor hot tub, or an indoor jetted tub to give yourself a truly relaxing night. No matter what you’re looking for in a cabin, we likely have it in our wide selection of Smoky Mountain rentals.

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