Tennessee Whiskey Trail in Gatlinburg

The whiskey and moonshine industry is making a comeback in the Great Smoky Mountains. The town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, along with the surrounding areas, has long been known for the art of distilling – a haven for illegal moonshiners in the prohibition era. The Smoky Mountains once provided refuge for these once-illegal activities, but it is now a hotspot for legal distilling operations, crafting some of the finest whiskey around.

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail provides guests with up-to-date and recent information about all of the distilleries in the great Volunteer State. Featuring information such as locations, products, and histories, the Tennessee Whiskey Trail aims to help its visitors find all of the best that the state has to offer! Whether you’re a longtime lover of whiskey or are still developing your palate, this trail is a great place to start off your tasting tour.

The first question many people have is – where do I start the trail? That answer varies depending on which Tennessee town you’re visiting. The Tennessee Whiskey Trail features locations in Nashville, Lynchburg, and Chattanooga, among many other stops. Of course, if you’re visiting the town to stay in one of our wonderful Gatlinburg cabin rentals, the town of Gatlinburg will be your Tennessee Whiskey Trail destination!

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail features four different destinations in Gatlinburg that make for quite a tasty tour. These stops along the area of downtown Gatlinburg are a great place to spend an afternoon, touring the distilleries, sampling their brews, and enjoying the company of your friends and traveling companions. We even consider the Tennessee Whiskey Trail in Gatlinburg to be a reason to visit in and of itself!

Begin your tour at the Gatlinburg Barrel House, creator of Davy Crockett’s Tennessee Whiskey and TNT from Tennessee, a cinnamon bourbon whiskey that will set your taste buds on fire! The whiskey bottled here ranges from sweet, like the Tennessee Mud Whiskey Cream, to Salty Caramel, Southern Pecan, and more. Here you can sample all of the Southern staples in a delicious, liquid form!

Next up is the Great Smoky Mountain Distillery, which follows the same family recipe as the famous Doc Collier. Their blend of corn and sugar produces excellent moonshine and the mercantile store here offers some new flavors that you are sure to love. View Doc’s old moonshine-making equipment and sample or tour the grounds daily!

Afterwards, prepare for a visit to Tennessee’s first legal moonshine distillery. The most visited distillery in the United States, Ole Smoky Moonshine produces popular and delicious flavors – you can even watch the brew being made right in the store! As you approach, you will smell the distinct scent of grains being cooked and fermented and see the moonshine stills hard at work. Enjoy free samples of their original blend, blackberry, cherry, lemon drop, or their famous apple pie and hunch punch.

Last but certainly not least is Sugarlands Distilling, a barn-house distillery made from salvaged wood from four ancient barns, bringing pieces of history to every inch of this location. Sit on their outdoor pine pavilion or sit at the sippin’ post to enjoy free samples of their delicious moonshine. Try their mouthwatering butterscotch gold, Southern sweet tea, or lemonade flavors and take some home in an authentic wooden crate.

After your tastings, head back to your Gatlinburg cabin rental for a soak in the hot tub or a great night’s sleep. Remember to drink responsibly and designate a driver or check out one of the town’s taxi services to get you back home.

For more information about all of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, visit their website at: https://www.tennesseewhiskeytrail.com/. Begin planning your stay in one of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals and prepare for a tasting like no other!

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