Shoot ‘Em Up Cinema

There are tons of wonderful opportunities for horseback riding here in the Great Smoky Mountains, but maybe you aren’t a fan of riding something you cant turn off or maybe your kids are afraid of horses. Whatever the case may be, Shoot’em Up Cinema offers a great solution. A virtual horse riding experience!

Lets conquer the Wild Wild West…digital style. That’s what you get a chance to do at Shoot’em Up Cinemas. Mount your electronic horse,  holster your six shooter, and put on your 3-D glasses, this is an experience you will not forget. During this virtual movie you get to compete against your friends and family to see who is the best shot, but watch out, these bad guys shoot back!

This attraction is receiving rave reviews on every travel website. Grandparents love it, honeymooners love it, girl scout troops love it, baseball teams love it, teenagers are claiming this is the one event they would do more than once, and families with children ranging in age from five years old to seventeen are finding this is the only attraction they all agree is great!

Grab your chaps and cowboy hats and mosey on over to Shoot’em Up Cinema in Gatlinburg. You get all of this authentic American action for just $12.99 and little cow polks ages 4-12 are $7.99. During your wild west adventure the staff at Shoot’em Up Cinema will take your picture. If you grab a brochure at one of the many coupon stands located throughout Gatlinburg you will find a coupon for a free picture of you and your posse in action, and any additional pictures are $2.24! You can’t beat that!

Shoot’em Up Cinema is located at 815 Parkway Suite 3 & 4 between lights #8 and #9. Turn right at #8. For more information, call (865) 430-8522.

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