Let’s Go To The Movies!

You do not like to do things on vacation that you can do at home? Well like I said, let’s go to the movies! No, not to a regular flat screened cinema. Let’s go to Motion Ride Movie Theater! I’m guessing you do not have one of these in your home town.

When you walk out of this movie, you will have survived cliff dives, crazy g-forces, all kinds of twists and turns, and all from your seat. Once you step into the futuristic capsule of cinematic excitement, you begin an adventure.

Unlike most simulator experiences with only one or two movie options, the Motion Ride Movie Theater has six adventures to choose from.  You can experience what it feels like to drive at high speeds through underground tunnels in the movie Smash Factory. If that isn’t cool enough, choose Glacier Run. For the kids still dreaming to explore new terrain, there is Astro Canyon Coaster. If you really enjoyed Smash Factory and want another wild and crazy driving adventure, try Slot Car Boogie.  Or if you are from the mountains of West Virginia and your grand pappy was a coal miner, choose a movie to honor his memory, The Volcano Mine Ride. These are just a few of the great movies the Motion Ride Movie Theater has to offer.

What makes this simulator experience different than other simulators you may have tried before is that your seat will not be the only thing moving. The movie screen actually moves with the seats creating a much more realistic experience.

The Motion Ride Movie Theater opens at 10am every day except Christmas. It costs $10.99 for one movie or $13.99 for two movies, but the real bargain is to be had when you purchase a ticket to watch them ALL for only $15.99. If you are in the military, be sure and let the vendor know so that you can receive your discount.

This exciting Gatlinburg attraction is located at the Reagan Terrace Mall on the Parkway across the street from McDonald’s and Shoney’s between lights #6 and #7.

And one last piece of advice, save the coke and popcorn for after the movie.

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