Gatlinburg for the Star-Obsessed

Whether you secretly watch E!News, your remote “just happens” to get stuck on TMZ for an hour, or you just like to casually browse the tabloids in the grocery store line, if you need your fix of all things celebrity, Gatlinburg has you covered. You may not actually run into any celebrities here (except maybe Zeno the Gatlinburg bear), but there are several places in town that you can feel that star vibe. Check out these spots if you’re a fan of the famous.

Hollywood Star Cars Museum—At this attraction, you will find a collection of over 40 authentic Hollywood movie and television cars. Many of the cars showcased are the products of George Barris, one of the most prolific movie and television car creators in Hollywood. The most famous vehicles from your favorite movies and shows are on display here in Gatlinburg, exhibited in recreated sets, with sound, light and action. See the 1966 Batmobile, the Corvette Grand Sport from the fifth Fast and Furious movie, General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, the Munsters’ Drag-u-la, Elvis’ Lincoln, and many more. Visit their website for ticket information and hours.

Guinness World Records Museum –In addition to hundreds of amazing exhibits that bring the records book to life, there is memorabilia of famous record holders including Michael Jordan, The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson and more. Go to the Ripleys website to find out more.

Hollywood Wax Museum –I must admit, when I first visited the Wax Museum, I was completely freaked out. I guess I really should have skipped that viewing of the House of Wax remake. After my first encounter with a wax star (Samuel L. Jackson), however, I quickly got over the squeamishness, and I loved it! You can jump right into all your favorite films and shows with over 90 stars. You can marry Colin Ferrell, lounge with Hugh Hefner, sit and chat with Forrest Gump, or taste test Vitameatavegamin with Lucille Ball. There is a lot of information available on the Hollywood Wax Museum website as well.

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