Forbidden Caverns near Pigeon Forge

Here’s a fun fact about Tennessee…did you know that the state is home to the most caves in the United States? With more than 8,300 caves registered and discovered, the great state of Tennessee is ideal for families looking for adventure and exploration. In fact, on your upcoming visit to Gatlinburg, you’ll want to make a trip to the Forbidden Caverns, the greatest attraction under the Smokies!

Open April through November, this seasonal attraction is loved by all who visit. However, the Forbidden Caverns weren’t constructed for our use – when you visit them you will quickly see that this naturally formed wonder is encased in thousands of years of history. Over the years, the cave has been a haven for Eastern Woodland Indians for winter shelter and later for moonshiners looking to make their illegal whiskey. The constant spring water supply and isolated location made the caverns the ideal hideout for all looking to take refuge.

Today, the cavern has been altered to make it one of the most spectacular and beautiful caves that is open to the public. The Forbidden Caverns team took special care when opening the cave to add special lighting effects and a stereophonic sound system to take your tour experience to the next level. The trails in the Forbidden Cavern are well-lit and offer handrails in all of the necessary areas, making it safe for people of almost any age!

Your 55 minute tour of the Forbidden Cavern will be led by well-trained tour guides who will tell you the history of the cavern as you travel deep inside. You will ogle at the crystal clear stream, towering chimneys and the largest wall of cave onyx in the world! Experience bats, salamanders and even true pitch-black darkness when the guide shuts off all the lights!

This fun Sevierville attraction is a nippy 58 degrees all year round – even in the heat of the summer and chill of the winter. It is recommended that you bring along light jackets and closed-toe shoes – there are numerous stairs and several damp places along the tour that are not ideal for flip-flops!

The Forbidden Caverns are located in Sevierville, Tennessee, only a 35 minute drive from downtown Gatlinburg. The caverns are at home at 455 Blowing Cave Road. With free parking and great ticket prices, there’s no excuse not to visit! Check out their website at: for more information.

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