Autumn Moon Drive-In Theater

Remember the good ole days when you could pull up to an outdoor movie screen on starry evenings and enjoy a film with friends and family in the comfort of your own car? Or…recall that scene from Grease when Danny sings his sorrows for Sandy as fast food parades in the background? If any of this is ringing a memory-filled bell, you’re in for a real treat! Planning to make a comeback in 2019 (possibly early 2020) to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, this classic pastime is returning with a modern twist… Instead of waiting for the perfect evening to watch a show outdoors, park your car and head inside the 7-story dome at the Autumn Moon Drive-In Theater. Vintage vehicles, picnic blankets, and tree-house seating await for a fun viewing of a blockbuster hit on the largest non-Imax movie screen on the continent — all in a domed theater with real trees and projected skies!

The Drive-In Movie Experience

Step into a magical drive-in experience as you explore the venue (with a movie set feel) on foot, getting a close-up view of the live trees, lush grass, and gravel paths. Firefly shimmers, cricket chatter, and a cool breeze make you feel as if you’re in the great outdoors. Not to mention, the picturesque sunset adorning the 360-degree lighted backdrop and the twinkling stars plus moon tracking overhead elevate the entire experience.

Before the show begins, from old-timey classics to first-run films, grab a bite to eat at the grill! Featuring juicy burgers, mouthwatering fries, and sweet-tooth-curbing milkshakes, an all-American crafted meal is what you’ll get here. There will also be a full-service bar, where you can knock back a cold one with your best bud or sip a fancy cocktail with your sweetheart.

Shh! The show’s about to start, so you best head back to your vintage hot rod, picnic blanket, or luxury seating, which includes enchanting tree swings, plump couches in private booths, and wide-aisle stadium seats. Planning a special event? Reserve the tree house party space for a more private setting. There’s truly something for everyone — visitors and locals alike!

Hold on a second…did that guy on screen just call your name?! A unique feature to be sure, the preview actors at Autumn Moon present an interactive audience experience by speaking the names of actual audience members in addition to a few other surprises. Now, sit back, relax, and let the feature film begin!

Autumn Moon Facts

  • The 7-story, air-supported dome maxes at 45,000 square feet of fun.
  • Enjoy live music programming before and after the film in the separate lounge.
  • Upon opening, Autumn Moon will operate daily with 18 showings per week.
  • 1,000+ full-color LED lights adorn the dome’s exterior, easily spotted along The Mountain Mile (a brand-new entertainment and shopping complex currently under construction).
  • The planned location will be near the corner of Teaster Lane and Wears Valley Road.

Intrigued? Sign up for the Grand Opening (TBA) invitation online now.

After the Show

Alas…the show’s come to an end, and it’s time to head back to the present. So, now what? Well, if you’ve attended a midday or evening showing, venture into town for some leg-stretching shopping, play at The Island nearby, or browse The Mountain Mile. And if you’re heading out under the real night sky, head back to your cabin retreat and keep the good times rolling!

Splash at your private indoor pool, play foosball, shuffleboard, Pac-Man, and more in the rec room, then slip into the hot tub to relax and reminisce about the Autumn Moon Drive-In experience. Afterwards, sip a glass of wine in front of the stone fireplace, pull out your journal, and detail the day’s activities so you’ll never forget. With a restful snooze in the master suite’s king-size bed, breathtaking mountain views off the deck, and a hot cup of joe in hand, you’ll be ready to continue your Smoky Mountain vacation with a smile. Book your late 2019 Pigeon Forge stay with Cabins for YOU today in preparation for the exciting arrival of Autumn Moon!

Sock hop back in time — rain or shine — to the 1960’s and explore, play, and dine at Autumn Moon Drive-In Theater in Pigeon Forge this 2019 (fingers crossed)!

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