What to Pack for Christmas In Your Smoky Mountain Cabin

Spending the holidays away from home can be a wonderful thing. If you’re getting away as a couple, a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains couldn’t be a more romantic way to to spend a winter weekend. If you’re traveling with the family, a Christmas trip to Gatlinburg, TN, is a great adventure for everyone. But no matter who you’re spending your holidays away with this year, it’s important that you feel just as comfortable in your cozy cabin as you would at home for the holidays.

Fireplaces, plush bedding, and an inviting atmosphere ensure that our cabins will be the perfect holiday retreat, but for a little added comfort, here are a few things to pack that will make your cabin a home away from home this Christmas:

Presents!  If you and your loved ones choose to swap gifts during the holidays, you don’t want to leave these behind, particularly if you have kiddos running around. Santa can deliver no matter where you are this Christmas, so make your (packing) list and check it twice, and leave plenty of room in the car for all your loot. (You can even pack gifts in an extra suitcase to keep them a secret until the big day.)

A (mini) Christmas tree – Okay, so hauling an 8-foot Fraser fir up the steep climb to your cabin might be a little drastic and a lot more work than you had planned for your vacation. An easier and more practical alternative is a mini Christmas tree. It may not hold 1,000 lights, dwarf the size of your living room, or have been cut down from Central Park by your favorite elf, but it will still put you in the holiday spirit. You can even opt for a trio of trees, decorating each in a different theme. If you have kids, let each of them decorate their own tree; they can even make their own ornaments for a fun craft project.

Your favorite robe and Christmas Pj’s – What better way is there to wake up on Christmas morning than rolling out from under the covers in your flannel pajamas and slipping on your warmest robe? Also, make sure to keep your toes toasty in your softest booties, holiday socks or slippers.

Cookie dough – It should really go without saying that this item be present at all times during the holidays, but just to avoid any last minute Christmas cookie meltdowns, I have included it on the list. Whether you like classic sugar, chocolate chunk and chip, gingerbread, snickerdoodle, or anything in between, a roll (or two or three) of cookie dough in the fridge can make for some quick, festive, and delicious treats in the cabin. And if you’re looking for another family activity, or just a way to occupy the little ones for a  few hours, decorating cookies is a great idea. Bring along some cookie cutters, icing, fun sprinkles, and enjoy!

Hot chocolate – A mug of hot cocoa (or hot cider) goes perfectly with fresh-baked cookies, and will keep you warm while you rock on the porch or relax by the fire pit.

The Smells of Christmas – With the smell of baked goods lingering in the kitchen, try a few of these other ideas to fill the rest of the cabin with the scents of the season:

  • Cinnamon, pine or pumpkin scented candles
  • Seasonal soap (Bath & Body Works has some great ones) like gingerbread or cranberry
  • Fresh garland or a centerpiece made from tree scraps from home

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