Recession Proof Travel Tips

Everyone is feeling the strain of the economy right now, so with much less expendable income in most people’s pockets, extras like hobbies, going out to eat, and going on vacations are often sacrificed. If you still want to get away without busting your budget, Gatlinburg is a great option. There are always free or low-cost events and activities for every age, and I have a few vacation ideas to save you even more money!

  1. Budget TravelSkip the hotel room; Stay in a cabin – Renting a private cabin, as opposed to a hotel room, might sound like it would be much more expensive. A cabin, however, can save you money in a couple of different ways. First, if you rent a cabin with a kitchen, you can cut back on eating out. You can grab some groceries once you get to town, and stock the kitchen with all your favorites. If you don’t feel like laboring at the stove each morning, get easy fixes like cereal, frozen waffles, or some pastries for breakfast. Then, you can cook lunch or dinner a few times, while still splurging on a meal or two out. If you’ll be out all day, you could even pack some sandwiches for a picnic lunch. There is certainly no shortage of gorgeous picnic spots in the Great Smoky Mountains. You could cozy up by a quiet stream, or savor your treats mountaintop at the end of a relaxing hike. Second, if you are traveling with quite a few people, you can get better rates in a large group cabin, and everyone can stay together.
  2. Plan to stay during the low season –If you’re willing to travel in the off season, you will likely save a good deal of money. Rates are already cheaper when it is less busy, and Cabins For You offers even more money-saving deals during this time. Because Gatlinburg is such a popular family destination, spring break, summer, and other holidays are the most popular (and busy) times to stay. If you can be a little more flexible about your vacation dates, you can get much better deals.
  3. Keep an eye out for specials –Cabins For You offers great deals throughout the year on, but you can also check out the Facebook fan page for updates on new deals and flash sales! Be sure to click “Like,” and stay posted on what’s going on in Gatlinburg.
  4. Stay close to downtown –One great thing about the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area is that everything you could possibly want to do is very centrally located. This means that instead of driving, you can walk or use the budget-friendly transit system to get around. If you stay near all the action, then you can save money on gas. You can also take in all the sights that much better on foot!

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