People Watching in Gatlinburg

My Mother has always been a “people watcher”. She liked to sit in malls and watch people, how they responded and interacted with their environments and one another. I too have come to enjoy people watching, but I also enjoy writing stories, so the twist is that my mind is always imagining where he/she comes from, where they are going, what they are doing here, what they are feeling, etc.

If you too enjoy the relaxing art of people watching, you will delight in the streets of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Because of Gatlinburg’s location, people from all over the United States visit and vacation in its mountains. This creates a prime opportunity for people watching and story weaving. Downtown Gatlinburg has many locations that lend themselves to perfectly relaxing people watching. Here are a few:

Hoggs & Honey’s: Enjoy fabulous barbecue and a good time while you people watch on the Hoggs & Honey’s deck. This deck over looks the people filled streets of downtown Gatlinburg. If you happen to be in town on the 4th of July, reserve a place on the deck for a prime view of Gatlinburg’s 36th Annual 4th of July Midnight Parade!

No Way Jose’s: If you prefer people watching from a distance, you will enjoy No Way Jose’s Cantina. Get a window seat and enjoy not only the people watching, but a beautiful view of the river, and a wonderfully authentic south of the border meal!

Corky’s: Corky’s is another excellent spot to enjoy the activity of the streets of downtown Gatlinburg while enjoying a nice rack of barbecue ribs!

Blaine’s: From Blaine’s balcony, you can view the bustling streets of Gatlinburg as well as the Great Smoky Mountains!  Blaine’s also has great live entertainment, so when you are ready for a different type of entertainment, step inside and enjoy the band of the night. If you would like a preview of the fun filled atmosphere of Blaine’s, go to their website and view a live feed.

Mellow Mushroom: Mellow Mushroom is a new addition to the downtown area. Now you can enjoy the view of downtown Gatlinburg while enjoying a variety of wonderful pizzas!

Dick’s Last Resort: Enjoy buckets full of delicious food on Dick’s deck that has a 180 degree view of down town Gatlinburg! If you are looking for a fun atmosphere and live entertainment to accompany your people watching today, this is definitely the place to be.

Crawdaddy’s: If you enjoy seafood to feast upon as you watch passersby, Crawdaddy’s is the only seafood restaurant with a view of down town Gatlinburg.

Have fun filling up on great food of your choice while participating in the relaxing art of “people watching”.

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