Packing Tips for Gatlinburg

I think most people will agree that packing can be the most stressful part of a vacation. There’s so much to take into consideration; weather, occasions, emergencies, etc. So, allow me to get you started with a couple ideas (assuming your checking into a luxury cabin).

Pack well in advance – putting off packing will only add insult to injury. If it helps, do some research on the cabin you’re going to by checking out the website or calling to see what isn’t provided for you. For instance most cabins already have some essentials, like sheets, towels, soap, etc.; however, some other minor things that you may take for granted might not be included (like a can opener or shampoo and conditioner). Knowing what you do and don’t need to bring will help you pack lighter too.

Pack according to the weather – be sure to check the weather for the weekend. Summers in Gatlinburg tend to be in the 80s and the winters are usually in the 30s, but those are just averages. It would be wise to be sure of the expected temperatures so that you’re prepared.

suitcasesPack for activities – There are a lot of activities to do on your vacation in the Smoky Mountains, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re packing. Depending on when you visit, ziplining and horseback riding are just a few activities you might want to keep in mind.

Pack for accidents –  Accidents are unexpected, so make sure you have a basic First Aid kit packed just in case you end up needing one. Insect repellent, healing ointment and aloe are other good ideas to pack.

Pack for meals – If your cabin comes with a fully equipped kitchen, you should consider taking advantage of it and saving some money. Eating out for dinner can take a toll on your bank account, so packing some easy-to-prepare meals is always a good idea.

Pack for entertainment – Does your cabin come with a DVD player? A video game unit? Does your family love have game nights? Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out in your mountain cabin while on vacation, and it’s a lot more enticing if you have something to keep you busy.

I recommend preparing a checklist of things you plan on packing. It will help you brainstorm ideas, and when ideas come to mind you can write them down and know you won’t forget any items. You will definitely feel more at ease and begin to look forward to preparing for your getaway.

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