How to Stay Fit While Having Fun in Gatlinburg

It’s April, which means some of us are just now getting around to starting our New Year’s resolutions. If you’re one of those procrastinators – and your goal was to stay in shape this year – let spring be your jumpstart. Whatever your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight or just staying on top of being active while you’re away, you can meet and keep them on a Gatlinburg getaway.

  1. Walk the Parkway. One of the easiest ways to get around Gatlinburg and stay fit at the same time is to walk the Parkway. At Cabins for YOU, we have plenty of Gatlinburg cabins that are close to downtown, meaning you can skip the traffic completely during your Smoky Mountain stay.

    Feel free to walk into town, browse the shops, pick a delicious restaurant, and head back to the cabin. With this routine, you’ll easily maintain your goal of 10,000 steps a day! And you won’t feel the least bit guilty for stopping by Fannie Farkle’s at least one of those days for a yummy Ogle Dog!

  2. Bring your bicycle. If you have room in (or on) your vehicle, be sure to pack a bike for your getaway. Then you can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while zipping around popular bike paths like the Cades Cove Loop. This 11-mile, paved loop road takes you through the Cades Cove area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the best time to visit is on a Wednesday or Saturday morning, between sunrise and 10 a.m., when traffic is restricted to bicycles only.

    Also inside the park, you’ll find three bike-friendly trails: the Gatlinburg Trail, Oconaluftee River Trail, and the lower Deep Creek Trail. Unfortunately, there are NO mountain biking trails within the park, but you can find them in national forests and recreation lands nearby.

  3. Hike to a waterfall. Home to more than 800 miles of trails, the Great Smoky Mountains are the perfection destination for a vacationer who wants to stay in shape. You can easily choose a new hike for every day of your vacation, including a memorable hike to a Smoky Mountain waterfall.

    Some of the most popular waterfall hikes include Abrams Falls (20 feet), Grotto Falls (25 feet), Laurel Falls (80 feet), and Rainbow Falls (80 feet). Grotto Falls and Rainbow Falls are the closest 2 to Gatlinburg. Each has its own appeal and deserves a visit during your stay, and hiking to both will definitely take care of meeting your fitness goals while you’re in the Smokies!

  4. Play outdoor games. As we get older, we tend to forget that exercise used to be fun. Remember the days when we played outside, tossing a football or chasing each other in a game of tag? I guarantee you we didn’t think about how many calories we were burning or what heart rate zone we were in. We just had fun!

    Well, why not make this year’s vacation a trip not only to Gatlinburg but also to “the good ole days” by bringing along some outdoor games? Our reservation specialists can help you choose a cabin with a big, flat, green lawn. All you need to worry about is finding that old football or Frisbee!

  5. Go horseback riding. For those who’ve never been horseback riding or who haven’t been in a while, it may seem like this form of exercise is a bit lazy—you know, because the horse is doing all the work. But trust me, once you climb off that horse at the end of the day, your body will disagree!

    Among other things, horseback riding promotes balance, stability, and coordination, and it will use muscles you may not even realize you had! So try something a little different in the Smokies this year by booking a guided trail ride with Smoky Mountain Riding Stables in Gatlinburg.

  6. Swim at the cabin. Want to know a really fun way to stay fit and have fun in the process? Rent a Gatlinburg cabin with its own private swimming pool! We have cabins with outdoor pools (perfect for summer) and indoor pools (perfect for every other time of year).

    We also have cabins with community pool access, so you can stay cool without traveling too far from your cabin. To warm up and relax your muscles after a competitive swim, try your cabin’s outdoor hot tub or indoor jetted tub! Be sure to check in with our reservation specialists to reserve your Gatlinburg cabin with any combination of these exciting amenities.

  7. Visit the rec center. Last but definitely not least, the Gatlinburg Community Center has a wide variety of fitness facilities that are open to the public for a small fee. During your stay, you are welcome to use their indoor swimming pool, bowling center, fitness area, 2-court gymnasium, and racquetball courts. Located at 156 Proffitt Road, the Gatlinburg Community Center is a great place to bring the family for an escape from the summer heat or the wintertime blues.

For more information about admission prices and hours of operation, please visit the Community Center’s website directly, maintained by the City of Gatlinburg.

And for more information about our Gatlinburg cabins, simply start an online chat with one of our reservation specialists, or call us toll-free at 1-800-684-7865!

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