How to Safely Travel with your Pet

It’s no surprise that many of our guests love to bring their furry friends along with them on their Smoky Mountain vacation. And with our variety of pet-friendly cabins, there’s no excuse not to! Cabins For You offers dozens of properties, ranging from one to six bedrooms, that allow you to bring your furry friend along to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Most pets hate to be away from their owners, so this year, skip the boarding fee and bring Fido along to the Smokies. Enjoy a hike, a walk, or just sightseeing with your pet – they will enjoy the break from their day-to-day routine as much as you will!

Just like with humans, traveling to and from your vacation destination can bring about tension and anxiety. Long trips in the car and unfamiliar locations can stress out your animal, so it is important to take steps to ensure their safety and comfort along the way. Check out our helpful pet-travel tips below and book your pet-friendly Gatlinburg cabin today!

Make sure you buckle up.
Just like it’s a necessity to buckle your children up in the car, your pet must be safely secured along your journey. A free-roaming pet is much more likely to be injured in the event of a car accident or quick stop, so protect your pet by restraining them properly. Travel crates, seat restraint harnesses and pet car seats are all available for purchase and will make your trip much safer for your animal.

Attach proper identification tags.
Losing your animal in an unfamiliar place can be as terrifying for you as it is for your pet. Ensure you attach proper identification tags to your animal at all times – including a mobile phone number where you can be reached on vacation. Bring along your sturdiest harness and leash, as well as a recent picture of your pet to help search for him or her in case the unthinkable happens.

Pack heavy.
There’s lots of work to be done to ensure your pet has a happy vacation! Bring along plenty of water and food for your animal, a copy of vet records and a comfortable bed or blanket that they are used to. Your pets favorite toys will keep them entertained during the day – also make sure you have the phone number of your current vet as well as several vets around your vacation home.

Do a thorough search.
When you arrive at your pet-friendly cabin, do a thorough search of the home. Are there any Christmas lights or floor pillows your pet might like to chew on? Where will you take your pet to the bathroom? Is there a tiled floor where you can feed and water your animal? Allow your pet to acclimate to and explore your vacation rental to ensure their comfort during the duration of your stay.

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