How to Plan Your Vacation Part 2

Many people do not realize what goes into planning a vacation. Whether you are going to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend getaway or staying a week in Pigeon Forge for your annual family vacation, we have some tips that may help relieve some stress.

What kind of view are you looking for?
It is imperative to think of this ahead of time because after you book your cabin rental it is too late to decide you want a mountain view instead of a woodsy view. This is where discussing your cabin rental choices with our reservation specialists is most helpful. They can tell you: which cabins have the best views, what kind of views they have, and even how close your neighbors will be! Another thing to think about is if you mind being able to see another cabin from your cabin rental. You will not be so close that you can see into their house but in some cases your view may overlook their roof or balcony.

Do you like a secluded cabin?
Please keep in mind that there are different types of seclusion. Some people envision their cabin miles from civilization completely covered by trees and forest. We have some options that are close to this idea of seclusion, but mostly our cabin rentals are going to be several miles from town. You may or may not have neighbors you can see, but you will still get the feeling of being secluded. All of our cabins are in beautiful locations so really there is not a bad location!

Does your cabin have cell phone reception or WiFi?
In case of an emergency it is good to know if you have cell phone reception in your cabin rental. You can see which of our cabin rentals have the option of wifi if you look on our website beside the cabin amenities, wifi should be listed. Most people do not need or want wifi and/or cell phone reception while they vacation for the simple reason that they do not want to be bothered. This is not a luxury everyone can afford unfortunately.

Many people need to be in contact with work or family while they travel and for this reason it is good to check with your cell phone carrier to make sure you have cell phone reception coverage in the area you are staying. You can call and speak to one of our reservation specialists to ask about our cabins with wifi as well.

These three things are easy problems to avoid while planning your future smoky mountain cabin rental. Hopefully thinking of these questions ahead of time will make your vacation more enjoyable and less stressful. Call 1.800.684.7865 today to speak to one of our reservation specialists about your options!

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