Get a Bird’s Eye View of Gatlinburg

If you’re not too timid when it comes to heights, a great way to experience Gatlinburg is to get to the top of things by exploring the area from the sky down. Here we have highlighted some of the best places to get the best views of the fall foliage.

 birds eye view

The SPACE NEEDLE, located at 115 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg is more than just an observation deck. You will ride a glass elevator to a soaring 400’ into the air to get a 360 degree view of the Great Smoky Mountains… all while enjoying the free view finders!  Since you don’t have to worry about the time running out on those coins you put into the view finder, you’ll have more time to try looking for wildlife in and on top of Mount Laconte.

Below the Space Needle is a great place for families to play and unwind in the amusement attraction-packed Arcadia. This 2-story arcade, playground, and game center boasts the largest ticket redemption arcades anywhere!

Hungry? Stop in and eat at the Flying Saucer Italian Bistro, located at the base of the Space Needle.  Don’t eat too much though, you’ll laugh till your sides hurt as you watch hypnotist Jon Dee perform his magic at the “Hypnotized” show. Watch as ordinary audience members do some pretty crazy things under the power of hypnosis. All in all, the Space Needle should not be missed.

Want to get even higher than 400 feet? Why not try a helicopter tour? A great place to start is Scenic Helicopter Tours. With over thirty years of experience flying tourists over the soaring Great Smoky Mountains, Scenic Tours is a great way to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are several packages to choose from with rates starting as low as $30.71 per person, on up to hundreds of dollars and longer tours. Plus, book online at and get 15% off when you book online!  Children and adults alike will get a sensational thrill out of smoothly riding over the beautiful scenery of the Smoky Mountains!

After all that soaring around and viewing the scenery from the Space Needle, why not enjoy the Lodge at Mount Laconte? This beautiful mountain range is the third largest of the Smoky Mountains. Soaring in at 6593 feet, Mount Laconte is nothing short of impressive. Enjoy a cozy cabin on the summit, where llamas carry in supplies and the only thing that breaks the silence is the sound of nature. Reserve your energy, the only way to get to the Lodge is to hike in. Hearty hot meals served family-style will sure to rejuvenate you after your long hike. And get to bed early, you won’t want to miss the sunrise!

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