Flash Sale Rules and FAQs

Here are the official rules:

  1. Our reservationists are on Eastern Standard Time and will use this clock to determine the winner: Official Time and Date
  2. Understand that at any one time, there are no more than three reservationists answering phone calls. When you call for the Flash Sale, you may be placed on hold or our phones may be so overloaded that you may be forwarded to voicemail. Please extend patience and be courteous to our hard-working reservationists!
  3. We accept the winning caller and place the next three following calls on hold – this ensures that if the first, second, or third caller backs out, that the person who receives the Flash Sale was still the closest to the designated time!
  4. Early calls are not accepted – in order to win, you must call at the designated time or later.
  5. Reservations must be made at the time of call – you may not place our call on hold nor call us back!
  6. Payment must be ready and accepted at the time of the call.
  7. We will not offer refunds to winners.
  8. There is a limit to number of times one person can win – no more than five times in a one year period. Please allow all of our fans to get a shot at nabbing one of our deals!
  9. We offer Flash Sales on pet-friendly cabins. An additional one-time of fee of $50 per pet will be applied towards total price.

Stipulations are as follows:

  • You must sign and return a reservation agreement before check-in.
  • No pets (unless the cabin is pet-friendly and the pet fee is paid.)
  • No smoking. (All of our cabins are non-smoking)
  • Flash Sale prices cannot be applied towards different dates.
  • The sleeping limit for each cabin is expected to be acknowledged and respected.
  • We ask that our winners snap a few photographs of their stay and share them on our Facebook wall so the rest of our fans can enjoy!
  • We also ask that winner leave a positive and accurate review of the cabin on our FlipKey site: Cabins For You – FlipKey

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  1. I would love to be able to come before November and have a last family vacation with our 4/2 year old boys before my husband has to leave and go overseas for 400 days :'(

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