5 Reasons to Break Up with the Beach this Summer

Summer plans for many usually include heading to the beach, but as we all know too well right now, summer 2020 is like no other we’ve experienced. Now that travel bans are being lifted and more businesses are opening, you’re probably ready to venture out a bit more. But with so many days spent doing the same thing the past few months, we think it’s time for a change – including how YOU vacation. 

If the beach has been your go-to, we have something NEW for you. Maybe your beach is too crowded now that it’s open or maybe it’s not open at all. Maybe you’re just sick of sunburns, done with jellyfish stings, and over sand in every crack and crevice. Either way, we say break up with the beach and make the mountains your new summer go-to. And we have 5 great reasons why YOU should. 

  • Swap Crowded Beaches for Peaceful Peaks. In the Great Smoky Mountains, it’s easy to enjoy some peace and time to yourself. Instead of spending your summer vacation packed onto a crowded beach, head to the mountains for a breath of fresh air. Spend days hiking along the miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – where you can easily keep your distance from others – biking, fishing, and taking scenic drives. At the cabin, play games in your rec room, have movie night in your own theater room, splash around in a private indoor pool, make s’mores around a firepit, and relax in rocking chairs or a hot tub on the deck overlooking the mountains! 
  • 100% Sand-FREE Guarantee. Sick of sand in every corner of everything when you go to the beach? Done dumping out bags for weeks after you get home? Take advantage of our 100% sand-free guarantee 😉 when you stay with us in the mountains! Swap the foot-frying sand for cool grass and fresh earth beneath your feet in the Smokies. When you’re sitting back with a cup of coffee overlooking the mist-covered peaks, you’ll be glad you swapped the sand for the Smokies. 
    1. No Resting Beach Face. How many beach sunburns have ruined vacations? Don’t spend your whole getaway nursing sunburns and sunglasses tan lines after falling asleep on the beach again. In the Smokies, enjoy lots of shady trails, covered decks where you can relax, and mountain views that will always wipe that stressed look off your face. 
  • Jellyfish, Sharks, and Sunburns…Oh, My! If dodging jellyfish, watching out for sharks, and slathering on the sunscreen 10 times a day isn’t your idea of a relaxing vacation, come see us in the mountains! The only jellyfish and sharks we have are safely housed behind glass in the top-rated Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies – where you can watch them from below in the underwater tunnel and check out incredible jellyfish displays safely. And while we don’t say ditch the sunscreen completely, you certainly won’t need as much as you do when hitting the hot beach! 

Cool Cabins > Sandy Beach Houses. This summer, slip away to a cool cabin that beats a sandy beach house. Spend days playing games in your cabin’s rec room, soaking up awesome mountain views, watching movies in your own theater, and swimming in your private indoor pool – all things you won’t find in your typical beach house. We also have pet-friendly cabins and secluded cabins that are not even within sight of any other cabins. Now that’s privacy!

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