7 Things To Do When You’re Snowed in Your Cabin

Getting snowed in your Gatlinburg cabin is a beautiful experience. Though you may be trapped inside your cozy cabin, the great outdoors turns into a chilly winter wonderland that makes for the best memories you could ask for on a family vacation. If you get snowed in at one of our cabins, our staff will ensure that you have an ample supply of firewood and food to hold you over until the thaw arrives. Not sure what to do since you can’t go shopping or explore downtown? Take a look at these tips to help you entertain your family when you wake up to snow!

snowed in cabinStart a Fire: Take advantage of the gas or wood burning fireplace in your cabin and make a cozy fire to reside in front of. You will enjoy the warm glow it casts over your cabin and appreciate the extra heat it will provide! Roast marshmallows and make s’mores if you have supplies, or make a quick meal by roasting some hotdogs!

Play in the Snow: Of course! Engage in a snowball fight with your family, or if there is enough snow, make an igloo or snowman. Capture your memories on a camera- these are times you won’t want to forget!

Play a Board Game: Most cabins come with several family-friendly board games that are accumulated under the coffee table or in a closet. Explore to see if you can find any, then play an old-school game with your family and friends.

Cook and Bake: Stop on your way into town and purchase all the supplies you will need to whip up some of your famous cookies and your family’s favorite meal. Invite the entire family into the kitchen to help you cook – it makes for a great bonding experience!

Watch a Movie: Bring some of your favorites or browse through the channels to find a suitable one for you and your family. Select a comedy or Christmas movie for laughs and heartwarming moments.

Make a Fort: This is one that your kids will love! Gather the blankets and sheets from beds and closets and construct a fort with couches and dining chairs. Bring a flashlight and tell a scary story or just enjoy the giggles that will ensue as you crawl around the fort.

Make Snow Ice Cream: Gather a gallon of the cleanest snow you can find from the tops of vehicles and porch railings. Head to the kitchen and mix 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, and 2 cups of milk in a large bowl. Slowly incorporate the snow and add more sugar to taste – voila! You have your very own snow ice cream – you can add 1 egg for a creamier texture, chocolate milk for flavoring, or mix in nuts or chocolate chips for an extra taste!

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