5 Health Tips for the Health Conscious Traveler

A lot of people go on vacation to break out of their everyday routine, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, there are certain habits you might want to maintain while on your getaway. Here are 5 recommendations for the health conscious to consider.

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1. Pack Health Necessities – Prescriptions, vitamins, hand sanitizers, and exercise gear are musts for keeping you feeling your best on vacation. Travel with everything you would need for your day-to-day activities, and possibly pack a few extras if you know you’ll need them on your vacation. A swimsuit is great if you have access to a pool, take advantage of the opportunity to swim a few laps for exercise every day. A comfy pair of tennis shoes will allow you to go for a walk or hike through the mountains.

2. Eat nutritiously – If you dine out every night of your vacation, ensure that you plan your meals in advance. While it is okay to splurge a little on your vacation, don’t change your eating habits so drastically that it will affect your mood or body. You can order the pasta dish, but make it a healthier alternative by asking your server if the restaurant offers whole grain pasta. Order a burger, but opt for the steamed veggies as a side as opposed to greasy French fries. If you plan to stay in a few nights, stop at the local grocery store or farmers market once you arrive to your destination for fresh ingredients to make healthy meals at your cabin. Check out our blog about eating healthy in the Smokies for some tips.

3. Stay active – Exercising releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that make us happy. Keep up with your daily exercise routine by sightseeing, walking around downtown, sightseeing, or by visiting the Gatlinburg Community Center for swimming and fitness classes.

4. Split desserts – Vacation is the time to let loose and indulge in those guilty pleasures you don’t always get to enjoy, but be careful not to go overboard. An excess of sugar (or simply more than you normally consume) can leave you feeling sluggish. Sharing treats with your travel companions will help you eat smaller portions as well as fewer calories and keep you feeling at your best.

5. Get plenty of rest – While your vacation is supposed to be a time or relaxation and rejuvenation, travelling itself is notorious for being exhausting. Cut back on the stress by silencing your cell phone, shutting down your laptop, and disconnecting from the world. Plan your travel around traffic and ensure that you arrive at your cabin with plenty of time to spare. Enjoy being disconnected and resist the urge to stay up late and get up early. If you want to, take an afternoon nap to ensure you’re not draining yourself.

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