5 Foods to try in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

1. Food to try: Cinnamon Cake Donut
Restaurant: The Donut Friar

This café and dessert shop will leave you with feelings of nostalgia. They prepare their donuts right in front of your eyes and many people have said that the donuts they create are “old fashioned” and that is why they return year after year. Their featured donut, The Cinnamon Cake Donut has received rave reviews! With their inexpensive prices ranging $1-$6 you will be able to try several of the local favorites. The Donut Friar is also known for: Éclairs, coffee, hot chocolate, and their delicious cinnamon rolls.

The atmosphere is kid friendly and families return to this location year after year to relive their happy first experience! The Donut friar serves desserts, and café style foods.

Thing to know: Cash only policy. However, there is an ATM on site.

2. Food to try: Chocolate Chip pancakes
Restaurant: The Pancake

This restaurant had amazing reviews on everything I read. Both breakfast and lunch/dinner type items seem to be a hit with the locals. Customers are enthusiastic about their Cinnamon Cream syrup because it is such a unique flavor! One well reviewed food you should try if you do not like pancakes is The Pancake Pantry’s Grilled chicken sandwich.
Their prices range from $11-$30 on average because of their wide variety of meal choice options.
Thing to know: If you are planning to take a trip to experience a mal here for yourself make sure to plan ahead. Because of this restaurants popularity there is usually a line.

3. Food to try: Garlic Knots
Restaurant: Best Italian Café and Pizzeria

With a popular appetizer that everyone seem to love the Garlic knots are the perfect way to begin a night of Italian dining. This restaurant is easily assessable and the prices compared to the portion size is outstanding!
The service being friendly adds to the dining experience and this Italian restaurant is rumored to have the best calzones in the United States or so people have said. See for yourself!
Thing to know: Outside seating is available

4. Food to try: The Reuban
Restaurant: Hofbrauhaus Restaurant (2nd floor above The Cheese Cupboard)

This restaurant is known for having a small “hole in the wall” atmosphere and great food! The Cheese Cupboard is a nice touch that only adds to the restaurant experience. This restaurant is loved by adults and children alike.
The staff is friendly, the restaurant overlooks the mountains and there is not usually a long wait time.

5. Food to try: Grilled Trout
Restaurant: The Park Grill Steakhouse

Their customers rave about their attentive service, amazing salad bar and upscale atmospere. This newly redoecorated restaurant may look more decorative on the inside but the food still has the same delicious taste! The prices are on the upper side of the dining scale but from what the locals say the food is well worth the price.
Thing to know: This dining experience includes a piano player to play the soundtrack to your dining experience!

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