11 Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions we often get when guests are planning to rent a cabin. So many things to think about and not enough time to remember all that needs to be done. No need to worry! We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers – hopefully this will make your planning experience that much easier and pleasant!

  1. What are the forms of payment?
  2. There are several different forms of payment that a guest can use. The forms of payment we accept are: check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

  3. How do gift certificates work?
  4. You simply call and speak to one of our reservation specialists and upon them entering your name into our system, we will be able to see if there is a gift card on file. Depending on what bookings we have, you will be able to choose the date of your vacation and your cabin rental.

  5. What is the cancellation policy?
  6. If your cabin dates can be re-booked, then you will be refunded the amount they are booked for. There is, however, a $35.00 charge for cancellations, moving cabins, or moving dates.

  7. How are refunds issued?
  8. Refunds are issued and dispersed by check or credit card. The refund will be given after the dates that were originally booked pass.

  9. What are the “hidden fees”?
  10. There are really no hidden fees, just some fees that are considered to be general charges. Cleaning fees are included with each cabin, and other cabins will have fees based on the amenities they have. These may include: hot tub and/or pool fees and pet fees.

  11. What if there are broken appliances?
  12. If there is a broken appliance, please contact our office at 1-800-684-7865. We will send someone out to replace or fix the issue as soon as possible.

  13. What are Flash Sales?
  14. One of our favorite things to do is called a flash sale! It is called a “flash sale” because it happens spontaneously, so you will not be pre-warned about it. When we have cabins that are not booked for certain dates, we will put them on sale for those dates. Guests must call our office during a certain time frame, and if you are the first to call, then you receive the cabin rental for an awesome deal!

  15. What if items are left in the cabin?
  16. If you discover upon your check-in that the previous renter has left behind certain items, please be sure to call 1-800-684-7865 so that we can return those items to their owner.

  17. What if I am only staying one night?
  18. If you are only booked in one of our cabins for one night, you must have a damage waiver. This is required for one night stays. The cabins that we do NOT allow one night rentals for are: A Bear’s Hideaway, Hen Wallow Creek Cottage, and Blue Bird.

  19. What are the check-in time/check-out times?
  20. Check-in time is 4 p.m. and check-out time is 11 a.m.

  21. What is supplied in the cabin?
  22. Starter supplies of paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and dish soap. The kitchen is also stocked with all the basic pots and pans.

General information

Gate Codes: Several of the cabin rentals require gate codes to get into the resort where the cabin is located. Those gate codes will be provided upon check-in.

Fireplaces: Fireplaces are closed for use from April to September.

Pets: Pet-friendly cabins require a $50 dollar fee. Pets left at the cabin during any guest outings must be tied up or put into a crate. Some pet-friendly cabins with a pet weight limit.

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