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Ripley’s Moving Theater

(877) 475-3974
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Are you ready to experience a theater unlike any other? Then visit Ripley’s Moving Theater, Gatlinburg’s only Real-D experience! With a lifelike 3D experience used in movies such as Avatar and Shrek and six channel digital surround sound, you’d think that Ripley’s would stop there – but no! The theater is equipped with a 5-D virtual reality simulator that truly takes this cinema experience over the edge. You and your family will experience every bump, dip and turn of the movie in a state-of-the-art motion simulator that moves your seat in eight directions! Open 365 days a year, you and your family can experience the most exciting movie there is!

More Information

Pricing for the moving theater is $11.99 online for adults(regularly $13.99) and $5.99 for chidlren (43" tall - 11 years). Group pricing is available as well. Be sure to check out the ticket combo options on their website.

Learn more about the impressive Ripley Empire in Gatlinburg.

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