The Importance of Cleaning Your Fireplace and Wood-Burning Stove

One of the great joys of vacationing in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in the colder months is in enjoying a beautiful roaring fire in a wood-burning fireplace, or in enjoying the warmth coming from a room’s wood-burning stove! 

Though gas and even electric fireplaces have become more popular in our region, guests still make special requests for cabins with wood-burning ones. But as the owner of a property with such an amenity, you need to be mindful that they require regular and routine cleaning and maintenance. After all - no one wants a chimney fire or worse!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should schedule services for regular/annual professional inspections and chimney/stove cleaning here in our area! 

Locate obstructions.

Like rain gutters and downspouts, chimneys are susceptible to clogs. Most clogs are due to stuck tree debris like leaves, sticks, and animal nests. Nests are typically built during the spring and summer months. This can mean squirrels, bats, birds, or any number of insect species. You don’t want someone lighting a fire only to quickly learn the flue is blocked by a nest or a bunch of leaves. You could spark a fire, be exposed to carbon monoxide, or find yourself with smoke backing up into your cabin.

Reduce the risk of a fire.

Hiring a professional chimney sweep to clean and inspect your chimney is a smart and safe move. Aside from obstructions inside the chimney, you also have to be wary of creosote, which is a dark, tar-like substance that sticks to the walls of chimneys. Creosote is a highly flammable compound that forms when wood burns - softwoods and unseasoned wood are the biggest culprits - and frankly, you never know what a guest is going to burn or where they got it! Since this is the leading cause of house and chimney fires, you should call an expert to clean your chimney before cold weather begins.

Improve efficiency.

A fireplace is only as efficient as it is clean. Those using your fireplace may NEED it for warmth, especially during power outages. So why not ensure it burns as efficiently as possible? Before burning wood in your fireplace this chilly season, have the fireplace cleaned and all components inspected to ensure needed heat can be generated and maintained!

Chimney repairs might be needed.

If your chimney technician finds an issue with your fireplace, it will need to be repaired before you can safely use it. Remember: some repairs can’t be done as quickly as others, and waiting until winter starts to call a professional means time spent waiting for repairs will cut into the time you get to use your fireplace. Also, the older the fireplace and chimney, the more important it is to get the whole system inspected, cleaned, and maintained every year.

Cabins for YOU maintains relationships with several fireplace and chimney servicing vendors. Keep in mind, due to the demand, chimney cleaning companies’ schedules fill up fast. Guests like to use the fireplaces/stoves in the winter, which means this is also the time of year when most problems are discovered. If you wait until winter to schedule an appointment with a chimney cleaning professional, you could be in for a long wait. Let us work on your behalf to ensure that service for your property can be accomplished.

Before winter arrives, preferably in the spring, give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you!

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