Make The Most of Your Gatlinburg Massage

Your vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is a time to unwind and forget all of your troubles. One of the best ways to unwind is to book a Gatlinburg massage treatment. Treating yourself to a massage in your Gatlinburg cabin rental is a luxurious way to enjoy a spa-like retreat, all while in the comfort of your Smoky Mountain escape!

Contrary to popular belief, getting the most out your massage requires more than just showing up! You can actually enjoy many more benefits of your massage by preparing yourself properly and being proactive with follow-up care. We have offered many of our guests the opportunity to enjoy a massage in their Gatlinburg cabin rental, and in doing so, have received many tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Gatlinburg massage!

And at Cabins for YOU, we've made it so easy to treat yourself on vacation. When you book your vacay, you can book an in-cabin couples' (or single) massage by a licensed pro - and you won't even have to leave the cabin! 

Before Your Gatlinburg Massage

Enjoy a shower or bath to prepare for your massage.
Clean skin and proper hygiene are simply good manners and will make both you and your massage therapist more comfortable. It’s also a great way to begin to relax and destress from whatever your day has held!

Avoid eating prior to your appointment.
Give your body time to digest your meal and avoid heavy meals anywhere between 2 to 3 hours before your appointment. If you are famished, a light and healthy snack such as fruit or a handful of nuts is fine, but try to limit your munching to no more than 1 hour before your appointment.

Limit your consumption of caffeine and stimulants.
Consuming caffeine gears your body up and provides you with energy – not exactly what you are looking for when it comes time to relax! This stimulant also makes your muscles tight, making it difficult for the massage therapist to do their work properly.

Be on time.
Allow yourself ample time to prepare for the massage. Don’t be in a frenzy or rush once the therapist arrives – it will simply take your body longer to unwind, and you want to be able to enjoy every minute of your massage!

During Your Massage

Communicate with your massage therapist.
As their client, your massage therapist wants to hear your concerns and thoughts. Communicate any apprehensions or desires and absolutely tell them if you are experiencing any discomfort during your massage experience!

Speaking of discomforts…
Perhaps the room is too chilly, the music too loud, or something else is preventing you from fully relaxing during your Gatlinburg massage. Your therapist will be happy to adjust the lighting or temperature, or to make other arrangements to make you as comfortable as possible.

It can be easy to forget to breathe normally while enjoying your massage. Breathe through any sensations that you may experience during your massage, as it will help facilitate relaxation.

Be open to the process.
Try to let all of your thoughts simply drift away – the next hour or hour-and-a-half is for you and you alone! Focus on the massage therapists' touch and allow your muscles to relax as they work their magic.

After Your Massage

Drink lots of water.
Massages move around and release a lot of toxins in your body, so it’s important to consume more water than normal afterwards. The consumption of water will allow your body to flush out any impurities.

Don’t be in a rush!
After the massage has ended, take a few moments to relax. Simply lie there and enjoy some quiet time after your session. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded, so don’t get off the table too fast.

Take some time for yourself.
Avoid quickly returning to your day-to-day life and make an additional hour or so for “me” time. Spending another quiet, stress-free hour will allow you to truly notice the effects of the massage on your body and mind.

It is completely normal to feel some muscle soreness after a massage, similar to how you feel after an intense workout. Soaking in a salt bath or applying an ice pack to a particularly tender area can help reduce muscle soreness, but ask your therapist for advice to help treat it.

In order to receive the most benefits of massage and bodywork, it is important to schedule your appointments on a regular basis. The benefits of massages tend to accumulate over time, so you may notice that you feel better when you make the time to receive additional work. Keep a log of anything you notice after your session so you can address your concerns or thoughts with your Gatlinburg massage therapist on your next visit.

At Cabins for YOU, we offer several vacation packages that include a massage by a licensed massage therapist right in your cabin rental. In-cabin massages can also be added to your new or existing Gatlinburg cabin reservation. We even offer massages for 2 – the ultimate way to treat your special someone while enjoying your Gatlinburg cabin vacation!

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