Scenic Hikes and Unique Family Fun with Smoky Mountain Llama Treks!

What could be better than a peaceful hike through Smoky Mountain forestry to breathtaking views of rolling peaks and expansive skies? The same adventure through the Smokies – with a llama, of course! At Smoky Mountain Llama Treks, explore the beauty of the natural surroundings alongside peaceful rivers, up rocky terrain, and in relaxing mountain pastures with your very own pack llama. Add something truly unique to this year’s spring break, summer getaway, or Thanksgiving family reunion in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg!

These docile, wooly creatures are your perfect hiking buddies thanks to their natural abilities for climbing and carrying up to 30 % of their own body weight. Your belongings stay safely strapped to the trekking llama while you, without any constricting backpack straps or awkward sweat between your pack and your back, adventure through the Smoky Mountain countryside!

Furry Friends
Not only do they take on all the heavy lifting, but you and the kids will also fall in love with these laid-back animals! In contrast to the common misconception, llamas rarely spit at humans. In fact, the llamas raised at Smoky Mountain Llama Treks are notoriously friendly! They eat from your hands, let visitors approach and pet their thick fur without fear, and even let you hug their long necks for cute pictures. Alpaca, a cousin to the llama, also run with this herd. They are shorter and their coats are thicker, perfect for their native climates of high altitudes like the mountains of Peru. Alpacas are also a great height for the shorter members of your party! The llamas love getting into the river whenever you need to cross, and lounging in the sunlight and nibbling on wildflowers while you take breaks.

Reviews Say it All
Smoky Mountain Llama Treks has consistently great reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp, Google, and Groupon! During your excursion to a variety of exciting destinations in the surrounding area, you are also accompanied by one of Smoky Mountain Llama Trek’s great tour guides. While your llamas are also enjoying the mountain pasture overlooking the Smokies, ask questions. Get fun facts about the Smokies, descriptions of what you see along the hike, and advice from a local expert and a super-friendly llama trek guide.

All in the Family
This family-owned and -operated farm has heart to match its big, unique personality! Steve Garrett, an ex-corporate businessman from Grand Rapids, Michigan, hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2008 and fell in love with simplicity and beauty of the region. With the supportive, adventurous spirit of his wife by his side, the Garretts moved to Tennessee with their children to operate Smoky Mountain Llama Treks. And that was all she wrote. Except, now, the stories continue! Group hikes with llamas, strangers, and the staff of Smoky Mountain Llama Treks include opportunities for new acquaintances, funny stories, and a fulfilling experience adventuring through the Smokies. Visitors often come away from their llama trek with colorful stories of the llamas and Steve Garrett!

Smoky Mountain Llama Trek

640 Padgett Mill Road
Cosby TN 37722

Llama Farm Visit
$20/adults $14/children 4-16; Children under 3 are free!
Not looking to break a sweat but want to meet all the furry, friendly llama faces? A visit to the llama farm affords you and fellow visitors time with the llamas as they wander close to you, eat from your hand, and give you llama smiles from your soothing pets! See their homes and learn all about these underrated, friendly pack animals.

Padgett Mill Treks
Short Trek (1 mile, 1 hour): $40 per hiker | Extended Trek (2 miles, 2 ½ hours): $65 per hiker
After the initial uphill walk in the first 175 yards, the rest of the hike is fairly flat through serene, picturesque Smoky Mountain foothills! Enjoy exploring the wooded area with your amiable llama carrying your water and bag. The trail difficulty is only considered easy to moderate, so it’s great for hiking with younger or older outdoor enthusiasts.

Creek Hollow Trail
$80 per hiker
During your 2-hour hike with your llama, you will encounter beautiful foliage and an open field just asking to be snapped for some pictures. The real treat, however, is a walk across the Bridge to Prosperity Mountain, the longest suspension bridge in the United States! Walk through the Covered Bridge where hundreds of “wishes” hang from the rafters before taking a steep trail to another suspension bridge meandering over a 60-foot waterfall cascading down a cave! This 2-mile hike is considered moderate, but your guides stop for plenty of breaks, especially during the more scenic areas.

Buckeye Ridge Trail
$100 per hiker (4-person minimum with $60 travel fee for the group)
Experience some of the most breathtaking views high in the Smoky Mountains for a dreamy picnic lunch in a pasture filled with wildflowers in spring and summer, colorful autumn leaves in the fall, and snowy white blankets covering the rolling mountain peaks in winter. Bring your packed lunch for the llamas to carry to the grassy field for a peaceful 5-mile hike. The trail is mostly flat with a few hills during your 5 hours of exploring, but you will want to make the optional climb to the peak of max patch where 360-degree views of the mountains extend for miles.

More Fun in the Smoky Mountains

Choose your trek and make some of the most unexpectedly good memories while hiking with llamas! Return to your Smoky Mountain cabin with a plethora of pictures of you and your llama, the mountain views, hilarious llama personality moments, and friends and family with the widest most candid smiles to cross their faces.

Complete your adventurous day with a soothing soak in the hot tub, a dip in the indoor cabin pool, a delicious cabin-made meal prepared in the fully loaded kitchen, and laughs late into the night during group games around the dining room table. Get unplugged while hiking and reconnect with family and friends while making some of your most cherished memories hiking with llamas and relaxing in your perfect Cabins for YOU lodge during your dream-come-to-life Smoky Mountain vacation.

More Llamas in the Smoky Mountains

Meet the Supply Llamas of Mount LeConte
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hikers taking on the adventure to the summit of Mount LeConte can meet the supply train carrying fresh supplies to LeConte Lodge! The llama pack train arrives bright and early to the trailhead around 6 to 6:30 a.m. before starting its trek on the Trillium Gap Trail between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m., one of five blazed trails to the LeConte Lodge. Arrive before their departure onto the trail, and the llama leader will let you meet, pet, and even feed the llamas! The 6.7-mile hike passes under Grotto Falls, giving fellow hikers on the trail an awesome picture opportunity of the llama train as it passes along a stone path behind the cascading water!