Cooter's Place - Dukes of Hazzard Museum

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, America watched, week after week, as Luke Duke managed to get his wild cousin, Bo, and his honest but very naïve cousin, Daisy, out of whatever scrapes they managed to get into around Hazzard County. While Uncle Jesse ran the farm and offered his words of wisdom to the cousins, the corrupt County Commissioner, Boss Hogg, ordered the clumsy sheriff Rosco, along with deputies Enos and Cletus to “Get them Duke boys!” And then there was the local mechanic, Cooter Davenport. He helped the Dukes outwit and outrun the local law enforcement, ran Cooter's Garage, and over time became one of the most beloved and memorable characters on the hit TV show Dukes of Hazzard.

Now, thanks to Ben “Cooter” Jones himself, visitors to Gatlinburg, TN, can relive the laughs of a show that has had a lasting impact on pop culture and television history. Cooter's Place in downtown Gatlinburg is a tribute to life in Hazzard County. The garage includes a museum, general store, and now in the new location, the indoor Duke's Themed Go-Karts and the Hazzard Country Club 18-hole Mini Golf Course.

The General Store offers all things Dukes of Hazzard, including t-shirts, ball caps, bumper stickers, cowboy hats, jewelry, street signs, coffee mugs, koozies, matchbox cars and more. Throughout the museum, authentic memorabilia, props, costumes and many pictures are featured. There are original uniforms, painted car hoods, collectibles, classic toys, Hazzard County license plates and much more. Outside of the museum, guests can get their pictures taken with Cooter's tow truck, the Hazzard County Sheriff's car, and more.

Along with free admission 7 days a week, Cooter's Place also hosts a number of events during the year. Characters from the show stop by to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, Hazzard County vehicles parade through town, and Cooter makes many appearances at his famous attraction. For all those who loved the show (or love the re-runs), Cooter's Place Museum is a blast from the past.

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