Meet YOUR Guest Relations Team

You deserve a relaxing experience. YOUR customer care team is on call to make sure YOU have the best vacation possible.



Assistant Service Manager

Sam helps guests who call our customer service line with any issues or questions they may have, following up to ensure anything that comes up is addressed in a timely (and always friendly) manner. He loves his position as a guest relations agent at Cabins for YOU because he gets to serve people on a daily basis and work for a company that cares for each employee just like family!

Sam has an associate degree in business management and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the same field, keeping him busy. When he’s not at his desk, you can find him hunting, refereeing soccer games, serving others in the community, or geeking out to Star Wars, and spending time with his beautiful wife. And if his devilish good looks seem familiar, you may have seen him win a car on Wheel of Fortune!

Meet Kelsey


Guest Relations Agent

As one of our guest relations agents, Kelsey loves making sure each guest has an amazing experience during a Cabins for YOU vacation. She ensures guests are taken care of, satisfied, and comfortable in any way she can.

Kelsey studied radiology at Chattahoochee Tech and was a competitive cheerleader for 14 years. She loves tumbling, going to the aquarium and park, shopping, hanging out with friends, traveling (especially to the beach), and just soaking up every bit of life!

Meet Beth


Guest Relations Agent

A state certified neutral/mediator through Office of ADR, founder of the women's in-house rehab program Lifeline Ministries, and a training coach for recovery programs with a background in banking, taxes, and owner management, Beth is a talented member of our team who has had her hands in a little bit of everything! Her future plans are to continue growing and developing professionally. Working at Cabins for YOU has cultivated many skill sets for Beth, including personal growth, which she exercises in her capacity as a customer care agent. Her passion to help resolve conflicts and relate to guests on a personal level helps her make guests' vacations enjoyable!

If she ever has free time, she likes attending spiritual growth/worship conferences, having in-depth talks with friends, getting manicures and pedicures, and shopping. She is also an IMDB credited actress and model. Beth is married with five children (4 boys and 1 girl) ranging from 6 to 23, one grandbaby, and 2 coonhounds -- Bear Bryant and Bama. Her sports-obsessed family has her at a ball field or gym every day she's not working – and sometimes both!

Meet April


Guest Relations Agent

Once guests have checked in, April is there to make sure they have a wonderful experience during their stays. At Cabins for YOU, April applies the golden rule: she treats guests the way she would want to be treated – and the way she treats her family and friends.

April is working towards a BBA in public relations at KSU and loves playing tennis, traveling, doing crossword puzzles, and spending time with family. She lived in NYC for two years and has traveled to several countries in Europe. Her favorite thing about Cabins for YOU? How it feels like a big family and the focus on guests’ happiness!

Meet Whitney


Guest Relations Agent

As a Guest Relations Agent, Whitney helps ensure guests are taken care of after check-in. Once you’ve settled in, Whitney is there to make sure you have a memorable – in all the right ways – stay in the Smokies.

Whitney attended Coosa Valley Technical College and received a diploma in medical assisting. She spends most of her free time with her kids or reading, which she loves to do. Her cat, Nola, is just another kid in her family. Fun (for others) fact: Whitney is terrified of heights, and her coworkers love to laugh while she checks out some of our top-of-the-mountain properties!