Shop Gatlinburg’s Great Smoky Christmas Arts & Crafts Show!

The holidays can be a stressful time, particularly when it comes to shopping for gifts. With so many people to buy for, crowded malls, and tons of traffic, the fun and excitement of the Christmas season can sometimes be lost. On top of it all, the malls and stores have the same options each year, making it difficult to really find something unique and new. Thankfully, the Great Smoky Christmas Arts & Crafts Show in Gatlinburg solves all those holiday-shopping woes!

Held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center from December 1 to December 7, the Great Smoky Christmas Arts & Crafts Show features handmade gifts by the local artisans of the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community. Admission is free, and as guests browse, they can watch many of the craftsmen and artisans at work. And because the show is located in the convention center, there will be no rushing from store to store. With such a huge variety of handmade gifts and arts and crafts, there is truly something for everyone. And when things are handmade, they are always one-of-a-kind! Some craftsmen who may be at the show include:

  • Alewine Pottery
  • Andrea Wilson – watercolor botanicals and more
  • Black Oak Gallery – mountain life oil paintings
  • Baxter’s Stained Glass
  • Beech Branch Crafts & Art Gallery – bird houses, redwood signs, and more
  • Candles by Dick & Marie
  • Dinwoodie Metal Sculptors
  • Firefly Glass Studio
  • Frances Fox Gallery – hand-dyed silk and wearable art
  • Gatlin County Leather & Gallery
  • Ogle’s Broom Shop
  • Proffitt’s Woodworks
  • Santa’s Claus-et
  • Tahiti Beads
  • Woodart

Make this year’s Christmas shopping a pleasant experience with a day at the Great Smoky Christmas Arts & Crafts Show. You’ll find unique, handmade gifts, you’ll miss the holiday crowds at the malls, and you’ll get to see the artists create what you’re buying! What a wonderful way to spend the holidays in Gatlinburg! Both kids and adults will enjoy browsing the shops and watching handmade gifts come to life. Just browse, buy, and let the sounds and smells of the season put you in the holiday spirit!

The Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community

The largest community of independent artisans in the U.S., the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community is located on an 8-mile loop along Route 321, Glades Road, and Buckhorn Road. For years, the craftsmen and artisans have been making, showcasing, and selling their woven baskets, quilts, candles, pottery, dulcimers, stuffed animals, leather goods, jewelry, wood carvings, and much more. There are more than 120 working artists and craftsmen along the loop, along with cafes and free parking!

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