Motion Ride Theater

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The Motion Ride Theater is located in downtown Gatlinburg. It is considered to be one of the best all around motion simulators around. Since the screen moves with the seats, the experience is more realistic than most other motion ride amusements. Experience 4-foot drops with all kinds of twist, g-forces and wacky turns in this 12-seat futuristic space capsule motion ride theater. Children must be two years of age. You can choose from any of the SIX different thrilling and exhilarating movies below.

Astro Canyon Coaster: A space coaster hurls you toward the frontiers of an uncharted alien planet.

Smash Factory: An unforgettable drive with our maverick crew through an unforgettable parking labyrinth of terror!

Pepsi Max: Vertical Simulation on the world’s tallest, fastest rollercoaster at Black Pool Pleasure Beach.

Glacier Run: A race through an arctic ice quarry with thundering ice blocks and gaping ice chasms.

Slot Car Boogie: A futuristic high-speed Slot Car race!

Volcano Mine Ride: Ride a runaway Roller Coaster through a blazing Volcano

Ticketing Information

Venturer Motion Ride: $11.99 for one movie. $13.99 for two movies. (ages 5 and up. Under 8 must be accompanied by an adult)

3-D Theater: $11.99 for two movies. $16.99 for six movies.

Check out their website for ticketing packages as well!