Gifts For A Gatlinburg Traveler

Like most people (including us at Cabins For You), at times it can be difficult for our loved ones and friends to find gifts that we might like, want or need. We want the newest, nicest and best items available on the market. Like most new items, they can be very expensive and regardless of high price tag, they might be quite useless.

With Christmas around the corner, we at Cabins For You have decided to compose a list of gift ideas for the traveler who loves to visit Gatlinburg Tennessee. Although these gift ideas revolve around vacationing in Gatlinburg and renting Gatlinburg cabins, we believe that even the most novice travelers to Gatlinburg will enjoy a few of these ideas. These Gatlinburg gift ideas range from a watch to a hiking travel bag.

1. Nice, Comfortable Pair of Shoes – In Gatlinburg Tennessee, whether you are in one of our rentals in Gatlinburg or whether you are in a motel in downtown Gatlinburg, you will mostly likely spend a large portion of your trip walking around the city. Once your feet start hurting you can expect your day in the city to go down hill. It would very tough to enjoy the attractions of Gatlinburg with sore feet. This might be the most important item.

2. A Watch – Despite our desire to have a Rolex watch, I am not sure that this would serve its purpose while on vacation in Gatlinburg. Although it will look nice, when you are in the middle of a hike, how much will that $3,000 watch help you? The most useful watch would be a watch that glows in the dark, has an alarm and is very durable. Uses included:
  • Walking the strip in downtown Gatlinburg TN (day/night)
  • Hiking on trails in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains
  • Setting reminders and keeping track of dates

3. Mp3 Player – This is an excellent gift idea if the receiver enjoys spending a lot of time alone. There are plenty of things that someone might want to do alone while visiting Gatlinburg or one of our secluded Gatlinburg cabins. Uses include:

  • Hiking
  • Shopping at the outlet malls

4. GPS Navigation Device - This gift is perfect for any person or couple who likes to hike and venture all over with reckless abandon. Most navigation devises can keep you in-touch with reality and will help you find your way back to civilization. Also, if you tend to do a lot of traveling in unknown areas, this will help you find street directions and other Points Of Interest (POI). Depending on the make and model, most of our Gatlinburg cabins and Gatlinburg locations will be accessible through the GPS.

5. Travel Guide – Nothing makes a travel enthusiast more excited than reading about their favorite travel spots. There are plenty of magazines and guides that feature articles over Gatlinburg Tennessee and its cabins.

If you have any question, or might like other gift ideas, please call one of our reservation specialists at 1.800.684.7865.