Be Mystified at The World of Illusions in Gatlinburg, TN

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to temporarily (or permanently) make someone disappear? Have you ever seen David Blaine levitate on television? It looks fake, does it not? Well, come to The World of Illusions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and make people disappear right in front of you! Watch a magician levitate right before your very eyes! You will be amazed by the endless collection of grand illusions, mystifying magic, and interactive exhibits. Stop a tornado by a mere wave of your hand. Join Ali Baba’s Genie who is trapped inside of a bottle. There are so many odd things you can see while at The World of Illusions!

Watch a star ship transporter materialize an imperial warrior, see an amazing re-creation of Houdini’s Chinese torture escape, see the transformation of a beast into a handsome prince, meet a life-sized Superman using x-ray vision, and even walk away from your own shadow! It’s fun and mysterious for the whole family! This is the largest exhibit of grand illusions in the world! It’s a must see if you are in Gatlinburg. It’s something you will never see anywhere else in the states of even across the globe, so come check it out!

Admission prices are $6.99 for adults 12 and older, $4.99 for children 6-11, and free for children 5 years or younger.

If you have any more questions, call (865) 436-9701.

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