5 Reasons to Walk the Parkway this Fall

A visit to Gatlinburg in the fall means great weather, gorgeous fall foliage, and loads of fun events and attractions. To take advantage of everything fall, we recommend driving or hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, riding the Aerial Tramway at Ober Gatlinburg, and paying a visit to the Apple Barn and Cider Mill for a delicious cup of apple cider.

But there’s something else you can do this fall in Gatlinburg that’s right around the corner: walk the Parkway! For this fall tour that takes you right through the heart of Gatlinburg, all you need are some comfortable shoes and a free afternoon. You can explore dozens of great places to shop, including the Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway Mall and The Village Shops, and enjoy plenty of great places to eat like the Smoky Mountain Brewery and Pancake Pantry.

Here are five other reasons we think you should add walking the Parkway in Gatlinburg to your vacation plans this fall:

  1. You can see the fun fall activities and decorations up close. One of the best reasons to walk the Parkway in the fall is to enjoy the festivities of the Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival. This festival kicks off at Ober Gatlinburg with the 6th annual Oktoberfest on September 25, but it lasts through the end of October. During the festival, enjoy fall decorations, craft shows, and autumn-inspired scenes all throughout the city of Gatlinburg.
  2. You can try delicious treats at the wide variety of restaurants and sweet shops. When you walk the Parkway, it won’t take you long to get a little hungry, and it’s especially hard to say no to those hunger pains when the tempting aromas of homemade candies and donuts waft your direction. But don’t feel bad about giving in to your cravings—you’re burning calories by walking! So head on over to The Donut Friar for a fall-inspired latte paired with a delicious hot donut, or head on over to Aunt Mahalia’s Candies for homemade treats like caramel-dipped apples.
  3. You won’t have to worry about parking downtown. Walking the Parkway is not only a great way for you to get some exercise, but also to save some money! That’s right—you won’t have to worry about paying meters or burning through gas while you drive around and look for a parking spot downtown. The Parkway in Gatlinburg is also a great solution to your waiting-in-traffic woes. Skip the frustration and enjoy autumn in Gatlinburg the old-fashioned way—on your own two feet!
  4. You can listen to mountain music being played along the streets. During the fall, you can enjoy local mountain music all down the Parkway – some of it as part of the fall festivities and some of it brought to you by local musicians who play all year long. You can also check out places like the Smoky Mountain Brewery, located on the Parkway, which hosts live music during the evenings all weekend long. Check out their upcoming concert schedule by clicking here.
  5. You’ll get to enjoy the great fall weather. One of the best reasons to get out on the Parkway in Gatlinburg this fall is to enjoy the crisp mountain air and great fall weather! Cool mornings and pleasantly warm afternoons in September will quickly give way to cooler temperatures in October, but a long-sleeve shirt or light jacket should be enough for a while. Cold winter weather won’t really set in until later in the season. So take advantage of the nice weather and the gorgeous changing leaves all around as you head to Gatlinburg this fall!

For more information on our Gatlinburg cabins available to you for your fall getaway, check out our website or chat with a reservation specialist today. They are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you might have and to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a Smoky Mountain retreat.

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