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Heat Safety for Children

Most of us are experts on the “How to Prevent Sun Burns” speech. We are pounded over the head with this beneficial information by our mothers, doctors, and even on commercials and in the news. But another important bit of information, especially for our little ones, is heat safety. If you are visiting from a cooler climate, make sure you take extra care with your little one. Here are a few things to keep in mind while visiting the Gents and Belles in the sultry South: Continue reading

People Watching in Gatlinburg

My Mother has always been a “people watcher”. She liked to sit in malls and watch people, how they responded and interacted with their environments and one another. I too have come to enjoy people watching, but I also enjoy writing stories, so the twist is that my mind is always imagining where he/she comes from, where they are going, what they are doing here, what they are feeling, etc.

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Summer Adventures in Gatlinburg

Spending your summer vacation in Gatlinburg offers many opportunities for fun, outdoor, summer time activities. After spending a day exerting yourself on a white-water rafting adventure or hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, recovering in a cozy, comfortable cabin rental with a hot tub will be the perfect end to your day. Or spend a fun-filled day zip-lining and spend your evening exploring the downtown Gatlinburg strip. The warm, sunny weather will leave your family ready for some excitement and you will enjoy exploring Gatlinburg in a whole new way!

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Protection from the Sun

Gatlinburg can wash over you like a wave of fun, causing you to lose track of anything but what you are engulfed in and the anticipation of what is next. This is one of the greatest allures of this region of Tennessee. However, the abundance of fun does come with its health hazards! Most people are having too much fun to realize the danger they have put themselves or their children in until they are home later that night and the classic sting of a sunburn sets in! In the worst cases, it is accompanied by water blisters, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, chills, fever, nausea, as well as vomiting. As you can imagine, these are not the souvenirs you mean to be gathering in the Great Smoky Mountains. Fear not! You can spend the day out of doors and still avoid these trip spoilers, and one of the leading causes of skin cancer!

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Gatlinburg Honeymoon Tips

So you’ve decided to plan your honeymoon in Gatlinburg? Good for you! This city is a perfect place to both get intimate with your partner and experience the sites and services present in the area. Those unfamiliar with the region, however, may be stuck as to what to use to make their honeymoon both exciting and original. Not to worry, though – as always, Gatlinburg has got you covered!

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Healthy Eating in the Smokies

Maintaining a healthy diet and vacationing can sometimes be a battle. Let’s face it – Fannie Farkle’s Corn Dogs and the Pancake Houses start summoning you as soon as you’re within a 10 mile radius of the area! It’s even harder to ignore those calls if finding a healthier option is another struggle in itself. We have some easy fixes to this dilemma. Read on and you’ll stress no more…

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Pick Fresh Fruit in the Smokies

Summertime, for many of us, means sunshine, blooming greenery, the great outdoors and for most – delicious fresh fruit! The months of May through November lend the sunshine and perfect weather to make everything from blackberries to apples ripe for the picking. Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the surrounding areas provide the ideal conditions for fresh fruit so instead of stopping by the grocery store, consider picking your own! Picking your own fruit can be a lot of fun for you and your family and getting to see where your fruit comes from can be a great learning experience!

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“Green” Traveling Tips

One of the biggest concerns in our society today is how to maintain an eco-friendly environment while still making the most of our world. Gatlinburg is an area that is especially affected by these issues, considering the amount of greenery and pristine waters in the region coupled with the large number of visitors and businesses. This issue is made even more significant when considering that the Great Smoky Mountain National State Park is sitting in Gatlinburg’s backyard.

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Smoky Mountain Waterfalls

As temperatures begin to warm up, we’re all going to be itching to get out of the house we’ve been cooped up in all winter! Although Gatlinburg is most commonly associated with the spectacular mountains that surround it, other natural wonders also call this city home. Among these are a series of waterfalls that provide proper incentive for any visitor to explore the area. Most of the falls are the culmination of a sometimes difficult hike, but are always worth it in the end. Here are just a few of the waterfalls that the Smokies have to offer:

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