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Girls’ Weekend in Gatlinburg

One of the things I most look forward to during the year is getting together with my girlfriends. We all live in different cities, so we can’t just grab lunch on a regular basis. New Year’s Eve is our typical get together. However, that usually includes the men in our lives, and as much as we love them, sometimes we just need some girl time. So, if you’re dying to get away with the girls, plan a trip to Gatlinburg where you can fill your weekend with all the things a girl loves. Check out these ideas to help with your planning:

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Rainy Days in Gatlinburg

If a little bit of rain has threatened to wash out your Smoky Mountain getaway, don’t fret. There are so many things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, you won’t have to miss a beat of your vacation. Whether you just want to relax or you want to fill your days with activity, you will find plenty to do to make the most of the wet weather. Here are a few ideas of things to do for all different ages on a rainy day:

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Take Amazing Photos in the Smoky Mountains

In uploading my pictures from an especially scenic trip, I often find that I can never quite capture on a camera just what I saw in person. Of course, this is the case because in person I have taken in the entire experience—sights, smells, sounds, and the atmosphere of where I am. All of these components play a part in the image that we keep in our heads of a specific place. But I still love taking pictures of the places I visit, because pictures take us back. They not only serve as amazing art, but also as literal snapshots of moments in time that we wish not to forget.

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Flash Sale Rules and FAQs

Here are the official rules:

  1. Our reservationists are on Eastern Standard Time and will use this clock to determine the winner: Official Time and Date
  2. Understand that at any one time, there are no more than three reservationists answering phone calls. When you call for the Flash Sale, you may be placed on hold or our phones may be so overloaded that you may be forwarded to voicemail. Please extend patience and be courteous to our hard-working reservationists!
  3. We accept the winning caller and place the next three following calls on hold – this ensures that if the first, second, or third caller backs out, that the person who receives the Flash Sale was still the closest to the designated time!
  4. Early calls are not accepted – in order to win, you must call at the designated time or later.
  5. Reservations must be made at the time of call – you may not place our call on hold nor call us back!
  6. Payment must be ready and accepted at the time of the call.
  7. We will not offer refunds to winners.
  8. There is a limit to number of times one person can win – no more than five times in a one year period. Please allow all of our fans to get a shot at nabbing one of our deals!
  9. We offer Flash Sales on pet-friendly cabins. An additional one-time of fee of $50 per pet will be applied towards total price.

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The Best of the Best in Gatlinburg

Whenever I travel, I love to eat, shop, and play local. I love finding the best cupcake, the most unique shop, or the burger joint that locals swear by. In Gatlinburg, TN, specialty shops, local restaurants, and one of a kind entertainment is not hard to find. If you’re looking to really soak in all the great things that Gatlinburg has to offer, here are some restaurants, shops, and activities that top my list as the best of the best in town.

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Recession Proof Travel Tips

Everyone is feeling the strain of the economy right now, so with much less expendable income in most people’s pockets, extras like hobbies, going out to eat, and going on vacations are often sacrificed. If you still want to get away without busting your budget, Gatlinburg is a great option. There are always free or low-cost events and activities for every age, and I have a few vacation ideas to save you even more money! Continue reading

Transportation in Gatlinburg

Visiting Gatlinburg has its many advantages, but one challenge that comes with a getaway in this popular city is traffic. Highway 441, or the Parkway, is the main road through the city. This is where most of the shops, entertainment, and restaurants are located, so there is no way to completely avoid it. The best way to beat the traffic here is to learn to work with it. Gatlinburg has several options for traveling around town, and during the peak seasons of summer and winter, taking advantage of these is a good idea. Here are some ways you can make your time between stops run more smoothly.

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Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge – Which is Better?

While many people may think that Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN are basically the same, each town actually has very different things to offer. Although they are in close proximity to each other, and they both have some similar activities, they are also both very unique. So, which is better? I’m going to put these two Smoky Mountain destinations head to head to see who packs a bigger punch in the categories of food, entertainment, and shopping.

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