Hiking with the Kids

Sometimes hiking with your children is easier said than done. Young ones often lack the drive and excitement that making hiking interesting, while the older children may be interested in other activities (go-karts, anyone?) To give you a hand, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite tips to making hiking with your kids fun for everyone!

Let Them Help You Prepare
Building excitement is one of the keys to making your hiking trip a great adventure. Allow the kids to help you pick the hiking trail – do they want to see a waterfall, a great mountain view or fields of wildflowers? Take them to the grocery store and let them pick out some snacks for the hike. Make some granola, and let them pick out some of their favorite goodies – candy bars, peanut butter sandwiches and cheese cubes are all great for keeping energy high.

Dress Them Accordingly
Children may not often think about the proper dress for hiking, however, that is one of the most important things in keeping your children comfortable on the journey. Ensure their tennis shoes properly fit and dress them in layers so they can remove clothes as the temperatures rise throughout the day. Don’t forget to pack some rain gear – ending up soaking wet can definitely put a damper on your hiking trip.

Keep It Interesting
Kids may think that hiking is, well…boring. Keep spirits and excitement high by bringing along a plant or bird identification guide and ask them to name some of the creatures you will see along your journey. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and don’t get frustrated if your children tire halfway to your destination – keeping them happy and making the experience a good one is crucial to them wanting to join you next time.

Bring Your Camera
Photograph the kids on top of a fallen tree, next to a waterfall or laying among the flowers. This is one of the best ways to capture the memories and keep your children excited about the trip. Print out and frame some of the shots when you return home – it will keep the memories fresh in their mind and get them excited about your next hiking adventure!

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