10 Ways to Get the Kids Excited About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day often centers around couples. Restaurants, hotels, and area attractions feature special menus, decorations, and fun focused on romance. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the kids often get overlooked. But Valentine’s Day is about love and friendship, for both kids and adults. Valentine’s Day is a great time to get away to the mountains, with snowy mountains, fun area events, and cozy cabins to retreat to. If you’re headed to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge for Valentine’s Day, be sure you plan some fun for the kids. You can have your own romantic time – soaking in the hot tub, sleeping in a comfy king-size bed, taking a soothing bath in a jetted tub, relaxing in front of a big screen TV and fireplace, enjoying a glass of wine with a view on the deck, or sitting down for a romantic candlelit dinner in the privacy and comfort of your own Smoky Mountain cabin. After you’ve planned some time for yourself, take time to do something fun for the kids! We have 10 great ideas for fun ways to get your kids excited about Valentine’s Day this year!

  1. Do some Valentine’s Day crafts. From Pinterest and Buzzfeed to Martha Stewart and Real Simple, there are hundreds of great crafts for kids. Many are made from materials you already have around the house, while others will cost only pennies or a few dollars to make. There are lots of great ideas online, so browse for frames, crowns, garland, and more.

  2. Let them choose an activity. A great way to get kids excited about the holiday is by letting them choose some things to do. Find some local attractions that work with your budget and give them a few options. They’ll feel more in control and it will give them more motivation to participate.

  3. Whip up tasty Valentine’s Day treats. Just like the crafts, there are lots of ideas for tasty holiday treats online. And with fully equipped kitchens in our cabins, you’ll find all you need to bake, saute, simmer, broil, boil, chop, blend, and roll! Bake some cookies or brownies, dip some strawberries or pretzels in chocolate, or try something fun like fruit-filled crepes, milkshakes, or heart-shaped pizzas!

  4. Let them make Valentine’s Day cards for family back home. One great craft to do is making Valentine’s Day cards. The kids will love picking out paper, stickers, and colors and making cards for family and friends back home.

  5. Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Great for any holiday, a scavenger hunt in and around the cabin or in downtown Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg will be fun for kids and adults. Go on the hunt for Valentine’s Day-themed items like hearts, cupids, chocolates, hugs, flowers, and more.

  6. Decorate the cabin. Make the cabin really feel like home by decorating the cabin with streamers, balloons, cards, and any other fun holiday-themed décor you’ve brought along.

  7. Have a daddy-daughter date night. Daddy-daughter date night has become a popular thing with families. It’s a way for dads to show their daughters how they should be treated by a man – and how much they love them. They dress up, bring them flowers, have a nice dinner, and enjoy some quality time together. What better place to do this than in a beautiful and cozy cabin in the Smoky Mountains? Set the table and make her a meal she’ll always remember!

  8. Let them help out. You don’t have to make the whole day about the kids to get them excited. If you still want to have a romantic dinner but don’t have a babysitter, let the kids participate. Let them help cook dinner, set the table, or even pick out flowers, jewelry, or cards – whatever you’ll be exchanging with your spouse.

  9. Watch movies together. A fun way to end the night is with a movie for the whole family. You might think that romantic comedies are your only options, but there are a lot of fun movies that the kids will love, too. Try Lady and the Tramp, The Princess Bride, Beauty and the Beast, Gnomeo and Juliet, Shrek, Enchanted, or The Lorax, to name a few.

  10. Bring some games. If you want some time to yourself on Valentine’s night, bring along some games and let the kids play in their room. You can take a dip in the hot tub and they’ll feel extra-special getting to stay up a bit later and play! If you do have someone to watch them for a few hours, they’ll love having some playtime to themselves while you check out some couples’ attractions downtown.

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