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Meet YOUR Owner Care Team

Cabins for YOU loves our owners. As part of our team, YOUR staff works tirelessly to take the stress out of YOUR vacation rental.

Meet Rachel


Owner Account Manager

Rachel is a part of the Cabins for YOU family legacy as the daughter of our owners, Greg and Debbie. She’s held many different roles over the years, now working with owners on improvements that can be made and lending a hand with any other needs around the office. Rachel is a prime example of the family-centered approach at Cabins for YOU; she’s grown up in the office and started working here when she was 15.

Newly-married Rachel loves pizza and shopping, and her bubbly personality is infectious around the office. She loves Cabins for YOU because of the people she works with, and of course, our awesome owners!

Meet Ashley W.

Ashley W.

Owner Account Manager

Ashley is part of our owner relations team, working closely with owners on a daily basis to make sure their investments are taken care of and at their best for our Cabins for YOU guests. She’s been with Cabins for YOU since 2013, working in reservations, customer care, and guest retention before becoming an important part of owner relations.

When she’s not at work, Ashley loves spending time with her husband and sweet baby boy! She also loves to hike, read, and watch Alabama football – Roll Tide!

Meet Andrew W.

Andrew W.

Owner Account Manager

Andrew serves as a liaison between Cabins for YOU and our owners, pushing the limits of fun in professionalism. He spends his days answering phones, sending emails, printing, scanning, and creating glorious spreadsheets - all in the name of owner satisfaction. He attended Kennesaw State University until he realized he didn’t want to pay for something for a decade that he wouldn’t be driving or living in. He went on to put 6 years of retail sales under his belt before deciding he enjoys sleeping over working at night. Besides the schedule, Andrew loves Cabins for YOU because of the people he works with.

This modern-day Renaissance man is a published poet who gets no credit for his greatness. He’s the self-proclaimed Van Gogh of his time, except he still has both ears. And he can’t paint. He does, however, brew some tasty beer, practicing the 500-year-old art of the monk. He skips the sandals, though. Boiling liquids and exposed skin don’t mix. He hopes this hobby hops into a career one day.

Meet Sara


Owner Account Manager

Passionate about people, Sara knows what an integral role her department’s assistance plays in vacation rental management. Assisting owners to the best of her ability is what makes the job worthwhile for her! As part of her daily responsibilities, Sara works closely with owners to make sure their investments are doing their best at Cabins for YOU.

Sara loves learning about nutrition, takes every opportunity she can to travel, and is slightly obsessed with her dog.

Meet Ellen


Owner Account Manager

Previously working in project management – from the sales process to completion – Ellen now works daily with cabin owners to take care of their investments and ensure their properties are performing to their (and Cabins for YOU’s) standards.

This country girl at heart loves the great outdoors, no matter what she’s doing. She’s always dreamed of living in a rustic cabin, and her spot on the Cabins for YOU team lets her have a taste of that dream, working closely with cabin owners and their beautiful properties.