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Skydiving in the Smokies

Skydive East Tennessee

1542 W Dumplin Valley Rd
Dandridge, TN

Located conveniently to Knoxville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Asheville, NC, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Skydive East Tennessee is East Tennessee's #1 Skydiving Center. Their licensed professionals offer quality, fun and safety, and their facilities are top-notch. They have several planes and many people on staff, so guests won't have to wait long for their turn! Tandem and individual dives are offered, but tandem dives are the easiest way to get started with skydiving. After a short training session, guests will travel over 11,000 feet in the air before jumping. They will freefall for about 45 seconds, accelerating to 120 MPH. The parachute will be deployed (by the guest or the instructor) at about 5,500 feet, allowing guests to have several minutes of beautiful Smoky Mountain views. The minimum age is 18, and the maximum weight is 220 lbs. For those who wish to become certified AFF (Accelerated Free Fall Training) skydivers, Skydive East Tennessee has a course of AFF classes:

  • Intro to Freefall – $215
  • Body Position Awareness & Turns – $215
  • Heading maintenance, 1st Release Dive – $215
  • 360 Degree Turns, Unassisted Exit – $165
  • Regaining Stability – $165
  • Tracking – $75
  • Group Freefall Skills – $75
  • Graduation Dive – $75

Skydive East Tennessee offers quality, fun, professional service and great facilities. They have air conditioned and heated buildings with restrooms, training rooms, spectator facilities Wi-Fi and more! Whether you want to tandem dive or you want to learn to dive on your own, Skydive East Tennessee has it all!

Another great feature Skydive East Tennessee offers is Exhibition Skydiving. If you're looking for something fun and unique at your next party, family reunion or business retreat, the Parachute Demonstration Team members will bring it! Two to six skydivers will come to your event as part of the team and drop to the ground on your cue! The team can wear your team jerseys or promotional attire, and they can fly American flags or bring special gifts as they drop. It is really a fresh, fun addition to almost any outdoor event! For more information or to set up a demonstration jump, call 865.223.5155 or email [email protected]

History of Skydiving

Around 90 B.C. – Chinese Emperor Shun escapes a fiery granary tower (which his father set ablaze) by tying conical straw hats together and jumping to the ground

1495 – Leonardo DaVinci designs a wood frame, pyramid-shaped parachute, not used until the 20th century by Adrian Nichols

Late 18th century – Joseph Montgolfier of France jumps from a hot air balloon with the “modern” parachute, leading to many more stunt jumpers

Late 18th century – Jacques Garnerin of France performs several parachute jumps from balloons flying over Europe

1911 – Grant Morton jumps with a folded silk parachute from a Wright Model B airplane over Venice Beach, California

1913 – Tiny Broadwick (a professional parachutist) is the first woman to jump from an airplane

1914M – Tiny Broadwick becomes the first woman to freefall

1922 – First emergency bailout from an airplane

1957 – The first commercial skydiving schools open

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