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Believe it or Not!

Guinness World Records Museum

Mr. Ripley was a very interesting man who was interested in many different things. He spent his life traveling the world in order to find people that he thought to be unique and incidents that he found to be odd. He gained fame by the stories he would tell about the things he experienced during his travels. When he would travel he would share his experiences with other people he met, and often they did not believe his incredible tales. The disbelief he was often met with is how he developed his catch phrase “Believe It or Not!”

Many people every year take trips to the beautiful Smoky Mountains and are excited to visit the Guinness World Records Museum! Located in the quaint town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this attraction is unlike any other. The variety of things that you are allowed to both see and touch is impressive. There are interactive areas of this museum where you can actually compare yourself to someone in the Guinness World Record book. For example, you can stand next to the world’s tallest man, who was almost nine feet tall, or put your hand on top on the world’s largest hand and be amazed at how small yours looks in comparison. Here you can see and read about America’s oldest woman, who lived through over a century of historical events, and see and read about the world’s oldest male, who lived to be almost 121 years old!

With so many things to see, you will not be rushing through to reach the end. You can see authentic NASA patches from several of the Apollo missions that were actually worn in space by astronauts and a part of the heat shield that protected the Apollo mission astronauts as they ventured back and forth through the atmosphere. One section of the tour that you walk through actually looks like a real spaceship, which only adds to the experience! You can also pose with a Megalodon Shark jaw and see how large the mouth is compared to your head, see the list of the seven wonders of the Smokies, and see the one plant that grows no other place in the world than right here in the Smoky Mountains.

Located in lovely downtown, you can walk to the Guinness Museum from any of the nearby parking areas. You can ride the trolley to downtown and sight see as you make your way there. For about the same price as a movie ticket, you can walk through over two hours of history. From Michael Jackson and Elvis to Princess Diana and the Beatles, you'll find an abundance of artifacts from musicians and famous people, along with interesting facts and information about them. Enjoy walking around and reading about how the Beatles made their way to the top from humble beginnings, see Elvis Presley’s boat, and check out one of Michael Jackson’s gold records!

The Guinness Museum also has a section dedicated to the arts. This portion of the museum includes famous authors, painters, and architects. Take a look through history as you read about the bestselling book in the world, the most famous painting, and the bestselling author. There is a replica of the Mona Lisa that you can take a picture with, unlike the authentic one that is located in the Louvre in Paris, France.

There is even a whole room filled with buttons! You won’t believe your eyes when you see this intense collection that is now on display. You can also crawl through a small tunnel and see the world’s tiniest bike, see the longest stretched neck, and learn the cultural beliefs behind it. There are so many interesting things to see here at this Smoky Mountain attraction!

Many people who visit find that their favorite thing about this museum is the fact that they can take pictures of everything! History lovers will really enjoy taking pictures with some of the statues and pieces on display. Both children and adults will really enjoy the interactive sections of this attraction.

This attraction is in a prime location and you can find it downtown in the center of many other exciting tourist shops. This attraction is open 365 days a year. Group rates are available for purchase and you can find out more by calling 865-430-7800! If you have any other questions, feel free to send the museum a detailed email at [email protected].