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7 Lessons the Smoky Mountains Have Taught Me

John Muir once wrote, “In every walk with nature, once receives far more than he seeks.” In the Great Smoky Mountains, I’ve certainly found that to be true. I’m always learning and experiencing something new, whether I find myself on a trail, in a field of wildflowers, on a scenic drive, relaxing in a cabin, or exploring downtown. The more time I spend in the Smoky Mountains, the more I learn about life – especially when it comes to enjoying it. Continue reading

Whip Up an Easy Easter Brunch in Your Cabin

Easter brunch is a staple in many families. It’s a great opportunity to get in some quality time with the ones you love and eat some great food. But Easter brunch doesn’t have to be a big production. These Easter brunch recipes are easy enough to whip up in the cabin, and most make for great all-day snacking. You can even make several ahead of time so you can skip the work on Easter day. Or just toss them in the fridge at the cabin and enjoy leftovers while you’re hanging out and relaxing. Continue reading

How to Entertain a Large Group in the Smokies

     Is your daughter getting married, and you’re planning a destination wedding with family and friends? Have your employees earned a break, and you’re wanting to celebrate with a relaxing weekend away? Is your church planning a retreat? Or, do you have a group of friends that’s been wanting to get together for a long time and has finally decided to make it happen this year?

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Apps, Main Dishes, and Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the one you love how much they mean to you. Whether you’re newlyweds wanting to stay in that honeymoon phase or old loves looking to reconnect, slipping away to the Smokies for a weekend retreat is a great way to have some romance. Our 1-2 bedroom cabins offer lots of romantic amenities: comfortable king and queen beds, DVD players for romantic comedies, fireplaces, soothing hot tubs, quiet decks where you can relax, and dining tables for candlelit dinners in the cabin!

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8 Easy Ways You Can Travel Like A Local in the Smokies

When you go away for vacation, wherever it is, it’s easy to get caught in tourist traps. You know, those busy places filled with camera-carrying, too-big-of-a-bag-toting, nose-in-a-map-walking tourists that sometimes make it hard to enjoy your time at whatever attraction you’re visiting. Maybe you’ve been one of those yourself and would rather explore the area in a new way.

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20 Inspirational Quotes to Stir Up Your Wanderlust for the Smoky Mountains

The mountains are calling, and I must go.
-John Muir

Probably one of the most popular and well-recognized quotes about the mountains, John Muir’s quote above is simple yet powerful. It elicits that adventurous spirit in us all, tugging at our heartstrings and stirring up thoughts of being somewhere beautiful, new, and exciting. There are truly dozens of reasons to go to the Great Smoky Mountains, from the variety of restaurants, many shops and boutiques, and local art to the popular attractions, incredible scenery, and fun seasonal events.

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